Sony and Theta Labs Teams Up to Launch 3D NFTs


Sony Electronics has partnered with Theta Labs to launch unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) designed to be compatible with Sony’s Spatial Reality Device (SRD), a device that displays 3D images in a semi-augmented reality.

NFTs Are Taking Yet Another Step Further

Sony is collaborating with Theta Labs, a decentralized video streaming network to produce 3D NFTs designed specifically for use with the Sony Spatial Reality Display (SRD). The device went on sale in late 2020 and costs roughly $5,000.

Such NFTs will be unique in that they will be compatible with and visible in mixed reality through Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, a display that allows users to experience things in 3D without the need for traditional 3D devices.

NFTs will be Available on ThetaDrop

Sony and Theta will release an NFT called The Tiki Guy which is a 3D Tiki Mask with a collection of only 10 NFTs. While the NFT drop is designed for 3D viewing, 2D versions will also be available as well.

The NFTs will be available on ThetaDrop, Theta Labs’ NFT marketplace, which has already launched Katy Perry’s debut NFT collection, as well as NFT collections for reality TV shows like “American Idol,” the “World Poker Tour”, and “The Price is Right.”


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